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Posted by on Aug 9, 2017 in Happenings |

A Father’s Wisdom

A Father’s Wisdom

This August my oldest son will leave for college. I’m excited for him, but this step brings me mixed emotions. I want my children to grow up and build lives for themselves, but I also enjoy having them around!

These days, I find myself asking, “Have I done all I can do to prepare him for life? Have I done everything I could to prepare him to follow Jesus?” Like many parents before me, I am turning to the Bible for wisdom.

In August, I’m going to share this journey with you in a sermon series called “A Father’s Wisdom.” We’ll look at the book of 1 Timothy where Paul the apostle shared critical wisdom with his protege and spiritual son, Timothy. We’ll examine both what Paul said and how he transferred his faith.

I knew that this event in my life would come out in my preaching one way or another. Rather than letting it leak out in unexpected ways, I decided to share this journey with you openly. I hope we will learn together how to transfer faith.

-Rob O’Neal, Pastor”