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Posted by on Mar 13, 2017 in Happenings |

God’s Story

God’s Story

God’s Story is the giant plot that runs from before the Bibles open until well after the last word in the last verse of the last chapter of its last book. It’s the story of how God created us, saved us, and is building his kingdom. We call it a story, because there is a plot, but this story is true.

God’s Story can be divided into five chapters: Creation, Brokenness, Jesus, Church, and Return. These chapters organize some of the most important themes contained in the Bible; concepts we as followers of Jesus want to know. This story drew us to God in the first place.

Learning God’s Story is more than an intellectual exercise. We learn it, because we want to know what we believe. We may even study it to explain it to others. Most importantly, we want to know God’s Story, because we want to find our place in it. This is our story too. As we find our place in this story, we discover who we truly are.