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God can do amazing things through us!

Forty people started Brookwood Community Church in 2008. Wooddale Church and the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference helped, but this group prayed, planned, and did the work. God used them to do something wonderful! Starting Brookwood has had an incredible impact already.

This church helped some of us to start following Jesus. Others of us have raised our children to follow Jesus here. We all have grown, found a place to belong, and served God together.

Now it’s time to share these good things with more people. To do that, we need a home. We know it’s time and that God has called us to build a home for Brookwood, so we’re ready to step out in faith and begin. God can do amazing things through us!

Will you join us?


It’s time to FOCUS on our community.

People need to see us.

Brookwood has been tucked away in a corner of Shakopee since we started. We need to be in the center of our community where people will notice us and remember that we exist. That probably involves locating near Highway 169.

People need to recognize us.

Many people still think of buildings when they think of churches. Our future home will state reliably to our community that we care and are here to stay.


It’s time to CONNECT with God and each other.

Right-sized space matters.

Relationships drive Brookwood, and our future home will foster connections. A smaller, 300 seat auditorium will ensure that we never get lost in the crowd. At the same time, this space will provide a cost-effective yet excellent worship experience.

Good design matters.

We have squeezed our children and students into rooms designed for someone else. Now it’s time to provide them with excellent facilities designed for them.


It’s time to IMPACT more people for Jesus.

Let's help more people follow Jesus.

Our future home will provide a center for equipping people to follow Jesus. That has always been our passion. We also want to help more people follow Jesus. We see 1,000 people attending multiple worship services at Brookwood.

Let's start more churches.

Imagine glorifying God by starting more churches like us! Keeping our future home reasonably priced will put that dream within reach.


Capital Campaign Dinner

Celebration Sunday

Would you like to learn more?

The best way is to sign up for a home visit. Someone from the leadership of Brookwood will contact you, set up a time to talk, share our vision, leave materials for you to study, and answer any questions you might have. There will be no pressure during these visits. This is a time to celebrate what God is doing through our church and what the future might be. To register for a home visit, click here.

"I'd like to register for a home visit."