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How to Become a Member

We encourage attendees of Brookwood Community Church to consider joining. We believe that the Church is a community of followers of Jesus gathered together around common beliefs, seeking to follow Jesus daily. Members of a local congregation, then, will live a recognizably distinct life.

The “Path to Membership” includes attending Starting Point and involves completing a membership application and a meeting with an interview team. Membership decisions are finalized when the congregation meets annually. Starting Point is a one-afternoon class that discusses the Path to Membership and the church’s membership requirements in more detail. Starting Point also introduces the church’s values and strategies.

Dates for Starting Point are announced in worship on Sundays, in the “What’s Happening” column at, and in the Current (a publication distributed to attendees on Sunday mornings). Some future Starting Point dates are indicated on the calendar here at the website. To register for Starting Point, click here.

Membership Requirements

  • A statement of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Agreement with the Statement of Faith and Covenant of Brookwood
  • Baptism
  • Evidence of a desire to live a consistent Christian life
  • Attendance at Brookwood Community Church’s worship services
  • Participation in a small group
  • Volunteering in some role
  • Agreement to abide by Brookwood policies on Member discipline
  • 15 years old or older
  • Completion of the Path to Membership