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Posted by on May 15, 2017 in What's Happening |

Remember and Celebrate!

Remember and Celebrate!

At Brookwood we like to celebrate the milestones in our children’s lives; and moving on from Children’s Ministry into Student Ministry is a big step. On May 21st we will be celebrating our 5th graders with a video in both services, but even more so we will be remembering them as they were when we first met them.

It all starts when kids turn 3 and we get excited about their big move from Nursery into Preschool. We can hardly believe that the little baby we watched mom and dad carry into church is now a capable toddler, a “big kid,” ready to expand their knowledge and experience as they take the big leap into preschool.

But before we know it that same “big kid” is now a Kindergarten graduate! Wide eyed and a little nervous about making their way into what seems to be, the big time, Elementary!  The final stop in Children’s Ministry! For five years they grow and learn, make friendships, and memories. They go from being the little ones, to the big ones…suddenly they are the ones helping the first graders find the next passage in their bibles, they are the ones that know the answers to the questions.

Now they will move to Student Ministry. This is where they will become adults, deepen their faith, and make more memories.

It is easy for these kids to get excited about what is to come, to not focus on what they leave behind, to stare straight into the future. But for their parents, and the countless adults that have guided them up until this point, we will take a moment to sigh…maybe to cry…and remember those 5th graders as babies, or toddlers, or wide eyed Kindergarteners and celebrate all the times we watched them worship, pray, and play. We are excited to see all they will do in the coming years, and we feel blessed to be a part of their faith story.

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