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DNA and History

Purpose: To help people follow Jesus  

Three Essentials

How do we follow Jesus? There are three things we do together:

  • Worship weekly.
  • Join a small group.
  • Serve people.


Passion:  We give God our best, because God has given us His best.

Outreach:  We invite people to become followers of Jesus and part of Brookwood Community Church.

Warmth:  We welcome people warmly and make room for new friends.

Encouragement: We lift people up and help them follow Jesus.

Focus:  We say no to good things to leave room for great things.

The Brookwood Way

Brookwood Community Church started with a simple vision—helping people follow Jesus. From the start we decided that we would pursue that one goal, so we refused to fill people’s calendars with activities that don’t help them follow Jesus more closely.

Instead we provide the best, most effective ways to help people follow Jesus. We concentrate on Jesus’ three essential instructions to love God, love others, and make more followers of him.  These instructions inspired us to focus on worship, small groups, and serving people, essentials which actually help people follow Jesus.  This passion also extends to our next generation-children and students. That means doing everything for them to the best of our ability; they deserve nothing less.

Our commitment to help people follow Jesus definitely extends to our community as well. We want to be good neighbors and make our community better. As we do, we hope that more people will join us in following Jesus.


In some ways Brookwood Community Church’s history began with its first public worship service on Sunday, October 5, 2008. However, the story starts before then with Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie. Wooddale is Brookwood’s parent church. Starting new churches has been an important part of Wooddale’s focus on outreach for years. Eight other “daughter churches” preceded Brookwood from as early as 1992.

Wooddale Church gave Brookwood a good start by providing a team of dozens of people who worked with Rob O’Neal, Brookwood’s founding pastor, to dream, pray, and plan for the new congregation. Wooddale also provided funding, guidance, and logistical support to the young church.

Brookwood launched from day one with a vigorous children’s ministry, a full-fledged worship arts ministry, and a commitment to excellence. During the first year, the church began student ministry, small groups, social activities, an outreach ministry, and a leadership team. By January 1, 2010, the church had grown to the point where it became independent with its own Constitution and Board of Elders and with the congregation making the most important decisions.

Brookwood began meeting in the auditorium of the Junior High School in Shakopee. The name of that facility has since been changed to West Junior High School. At its annual meeting in 2011, the church appointed a group to begin thinking about a future home for the congregation, a journey that has only just begun.

The future is bright for Brookwood. God is helping the people of Brookwood follow Jesus, and he is using them to help others become followers of Jesus as well. Consider joining us one Sunday to learn more.