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How Can I Follow Jesus?

At Brookwood Community Church, everything begins with following Jesus. If you are not yet a follower of Jesus, you probably have questions. Check out this short video by that might explain a little more about what it means to follow Jesus. To learn more, visit Brookwood Community Church on a Sunday morning, and any of our leaders will be happy to talk with you.

You may want to do something right now. If you are ready to follow Jesus, you can start with a simple prayer. You might even use words like these:

God, I admit that I have disobeyed you and walked away from you. However, I have come to believe that Jesus is your Son and that he died for my sin. I choose to accept the forgiveness that you offer. I choose to accept the new and eternal life you offer me. And I choose to follow Jesus. In his name, Amen. 

Let’s talk soon about your next steps in following Jesus.