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Posted by on Feb 6, 2017 in What's Happening |

The X-iles

The X-iles

In the 6th Century BC, God’s people were conquered, and many of them were sent away to foreign lands. It’s a period of time called “The Babylonian Exile.” While away in exile, God’s people learned how to live as strangers in a foreign land. They experienced what it’s like to be refugees. Some of them settled down and prospered, some blended in, and some stayed true to who God had called them to be. God spoke to his people, particularly the exiles, through several of the prophets including Jeremiah, Daniel, Haggai, and Zechariah.

We’re going to study the Babylonian Exile in a series of messages called “The X-iles.” We’re going to look together at what it means to live as a stranger in a foreign land. When you think about it, we followers of Jesus are citizens of the Kingdom of God. That is our primary loyalty. That means we are always living as foreigners in a strange land. Join us for this important set of messages.

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